Your routine

Your routine

In your daily routine, you should wake up early in the morning and walk daily in the morning, then spend time in yoga for half an hour every day, then take a snack and go for work.

       By adopting such a routine, your body will remain healthy and energetic and all your work will be completed on its scheduled time, life is yours, but it is in the hands of God, if a person does not believe in God, then he is a fool. Did not believe that in front of certain circumstances, a person has to bow his head and eventually has to go to the very end of God.
       If Q’s soul and God meet, it becomes an impaired work
        I do not say that one should come to talk about a monk or a hypocrite and serve him, if he wants to serve, then someday serve the unhappy soul, then God will be happy and the prayers given to that soul will add luck to your man. In suffering and happiness, this soul is the ultimate friend of the man who does not leave him.
       In bad times, mother and wife leave all the people together, but the soul keeps playing till death, because there is the ultimate power of God.

Thank you 

Manoj Yadav

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